KA-BAR Short Tanto 1254, fixed knife, leather sheath

KA-BAR Short Tanto 1254, fixed knife, leather sheath

The KA-BAR Short Tanto is the Asian-influenced little brother of the famous KA-BAR USMC. The knife is enhanced with the same features, but with a tanto-blade. The piercing aspect of the tanto-shape distinguishes this knife from the competition. The knife is big and feels very strong. The handle is enhanced with protective parts to make sure you will never end up on the razor-sharp edge during heavy-duty use. The blade is made from 1095-carbon steel. This type of steel is not stainless. Fortunately the blade is enhanced with a black coating to make sure maintenance is a lot easier. You can easily carry this KA-BAR with you in the included sheath.



Blade Finish and Color


Blade Length

13.3 cm

Blade Thickness

4.1 mm

Handle Length

10.4 cm

Overall Length

23.9 cm


170 g

Handle Material


Blade steel

1095 Cro-Van

Blade Style


Clip Type

נדן עור


אספנות, חילוץ והצלה, טאקטי, שטח – מחנאות

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