Kukri Machete - 1249

Kukri Machete - 1249

The KA-BAR Kukri Machete 1249 is a high-quality tool for wilderness use. This robust machete is traditionally used by the Ghurkas in Nepal and excels at chopping tasks. The Combat Kukri version features the same comfortable Kraton handle seen on other KA-BAR knives. The blade, made from 1095 carbon steel, has a royal belly and is highly durable. Although it requires regular sharpening, this machete can handle tough tasks with ease. Perfect for navigating dense vegetation and cutting small branches, the KA-BAR Kukri Machete 1249 is an essential tool for outdoor enthusiasts. For thicker branches and trunks, it is recommended to use an axe or saw. The machete comes with a nylon sheath and plastic insert for convenient carrying.

מק"ט 1249 קטגוריות , , ,
Blade Finish and Color

black coated, Powder Coat

Overall Length

43.2 cm

Blade Length

29.9 cm

Blade steel

1085 Carbon

Blade Style

להב חלק

Blade Thickness

4 mm. – 0.16 in.



Clip Type

נדן בד קורדורה, נדן עור



Handle Length

13.7 cm

Handle Material



605 g

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