PRYMA™ - 9011

PRYMA™ - 9011

Pry. Crack. Crank. Scrape. Wrench.

Jesper Voxnaes knows that a smart daily carry doesn’t just include a knife. So he designed the Pryma™. This over-engineered multi-tool hangs inconspicuously on your keyring and comes up in a pinch with a range of tools. From bottle opener to glass breaker, it’ll pick up exactly where your pocket knife leaves off.

+ Multi-use: Pry bar section can tackle utility tasks
+ Convenient: Bottle opener for your favorite beverage
+ Versatile: Multi-wrench and flat screwdriver for everyday utility
+ Glass Breaker: ceramic stud for emergency situations

Closed Length

3.24" (82.17 mm)


0.90 oz. (25.51 g)

Blade Finish and Color


Handle Material

Stainless Steel


חילוץ והצלה, טאקטי, יום יומי – EDC, שטח – מחנאות

Blade steel


Overall Length

3.24" (82.17 mm)

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